Saturday, March 21, 2009

Freaky Spider Run's In Circle's!!

Me and my two sisters Cece and Lilly were in my room and we saw a spider on the ceiling. We were waiting for it to crawl above Cece's bed so we could knock it down and kill it. It was just so scary we could not stop looking at it for 45 min. Finaly when it started to crawl towards my sisters bed I went to get some toilet paper to knock down the spider. Cece was so scard to knock it down that Lilly and I were saying just do it all ready. After 15 minutes Cece finaly hit it down I got a shoe and tride to kill it but the spider was running in circle's so fast that I couldn't see it. So I gave the shoe to Lilly and she smaked the shoe to the ground and hit the spider and killed it. Cece picked up the spider with the toilet paper and she put the toilet paper in the toilet and plushed the spider. What a hysterical night for me and my sisters.


Spring Comes to An End....

Spring Break 2009 included 3 sleepovers, 2 basketball tournaments, 1 soccer game and lots of practices. I was able to be outside a lot because the weather was nice and warm. I hung out with my little sister and brother, my friends and I went to the park, my mom took me to the "Learning Tree" store and I got to go to the mall with my girlfriends. I got to see the movie "Twilight" at a sleepover. I enjoyed my Spring Break even though I had a lot of home-work. (And put my home-work off untill the last minute.)

Monday, August 4, 2008

Camp 2008

Last week I went to Camp and I had a great time. I stayed on the far side of the lake in cabin #13. My cabin leaders were Patricia and Joanna. I went with 11 of my friends but I knew a lot more of the kids who were there as well.

The first night I was there we played "Board Game Frenzy." This is where we dressed up and played giant board games. There were giant versions of Yahtzee, Operation, Scrabble, Jenga and many others.

After that we got to have a little free time.

The second day was awesome! That night was "Summer Olympics Night". We wore red, white and blue and one of my friends dressed as a tennis player. The events were dodge ball and human farkle (human rock, paper, sissors).

That night we had "encounter" where we learned about creation.

The next day, as we went to breakfast, we were all excited to play "Night Strike". That is a game, played in the dark, where we try to rescue one of our teammates from jail. It is a blast! It was really dark though and I hurt my knee while I was jogging. Our team got 5th place.

On Thursday we did an activity called "Rock Band". Our group dressed up as the Jonas Brothers and their stage crew. We got 3rd place out of 6 teams.

We also did crafts that day and I made a necklace and bracelet.

Friday was "Fiesta Day" and we placed 2nd (our best finish of the week). We had some free time and I went on the blob (a giant water ball) and tried the water slide with my cabin leader, Patricia.

Saturday was our final day at camp. We added up all the points and the Hungry Hippos won the week. My team was called "Amigos" and we got 5th place. My team just wanted to have fun, and we did!

I can't wait to go back next year!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Des Moines Is Canceled

Well as I was getting ready to get out of school early last Friday my dad and I got a call from a girl on my soccer team. She told us that the tournament had been canceled. I was suppose to go to Des Moines for a soccer tournament but the fields were too wet and muddy. I guess it was Gods way of saying that he wanted my mom to stay home to type up her things on her blog and for us to go to church. I was glad that it was canceled because then we were able to go to church. I was also unhappy because I love soccer so much and I was looking forward to go to Des Moines because that would have been my first time to play there.

Although I was bored to death by myself this weekend I guess God made this tournament canceled because I was going to get hurt or something, and he protected me from the thing that was going to happen to me. I know that I was by myself this whole weekend but, I guess I should be thanking God for saving me. So Long For Now!!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

My First Post!

Today at church we studied Matthew 7:15-16~~

"Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves. By their fruit you will recognize them. Do people pick grapes from thornbushes or figs from thistles?"

I think this means that people can present themselves as someone who they really are not. By dressing as sheep they try to make people think they are sent by God but really they are going against Him and are like wolves who want to attack us. So we need to watch out for people who say they are representing God but they are really not. If we try to take what they are offering we can get hurt because they are not speaking the Truth of God. We need to be sure we are filling ourselves with the good fruit of God's word

~~~Cece's opinion